Did you know local raw honey is a tried and true relief for seasonal allergies?  If your nose is running and eyes are itching, add a pound of our Day Spring Farm’s honey ($8.50/pound) to your order –it’s not too late!– and start breathing again! 

An astonishing amount of people (50 million people in the U.S.) suffer from seasonal allergies.  These people are suffering from seasonal allergies with symptoms of runny nose, nasal congestion, itchy nose, itchy eyes, or tearing eyes.  The lost of productivity is actually costing United States up to $4.6 billion annually!

Numerous medications such as Claritin® have been invented to cure allergies.  Unfortunately, many people are still suffering from these seasonal allergies even after digesting these medications.  Luckily, an all natural alternative to relieving your seasonal allergies might actually be coming from your backyard.  Many people already have used raw local honey to treat seasonal allergy symptoms and so can you!

Think about this.  Honey bees in your neighborhood travel from flowers to flowers collecting nectar from the same plants that are giving you allergy symptoms.  The raw honeys collected by these bees contain bits and pieces of the same pollens from these plants.  So, by eating these very same raw honey made by the bees from your area, the raw honey will often act as an immune system booster to reduce your allergy symptoms to local flowering plants.

It is great idea to source raw honey that is raised as close as possible to where you live to rip the most benefit.  Once you obtain your raw local honey, start taking 2 to 3 spoonfuls each day for several months prior to pollen season.  You will likely see big difference in your body to cope with allergies.

Besides reducing seasonal allergies, raw honey has many other health benefits as well.  Raw honey can help ease digestion, relieve constipation, and may even reduce cancer.  Raw honey is also great in relieving morning sickness and great for sore throats.

With all of these benefits of raw honey to your health, why not try adding few doses of local raw honey to your regular diet?

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